GSA Government Sales:

Welcome GSA Buyers! We want you to know that you are among our most valued customers. HCS supports your work as protectors of our country. We invite you to take a look at a few of our products and services listed below available for purchase on GSA. (GSA # GS-07F-5635P or GS-07F-0385K) For more information on GSA, please contact us.


•  Halon Flight Line Units

•  Fire Extinguishers - and

•  Fire Hose -

•  Brass Goods, Adapters, Nozzles, Monitors etc -, and

•  SCBA's -

•  Fire Alarms -

•  Fire fighting foam and foam hardware -

•  Fire Pump

•  Sprinkler inspection and repair

•  Air compressors and Fill Stations - Max Air

•  Fire Training

•  Fit Testing

•  Ballistics, Law Enforcement, Body Amour - Civil and military

•  Fire Suppression Systems

•  Smoke Detection - Vesda

Didn't find the product or service you were looking for? Please contact us at 877-543-3473. HCS carries a vast array of product lines, and we provide any fire related service.

For contract # GS-07F-0385K

For contract# GS-07F-5635P


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