We want all our Troops to know that you are very special to us. We respect you for your courage, commitment and dedication and we want you to know that it does not go un-noticed. Even though we are a Small Business we have made a commitment to do our part with “Supporting our Troops”. We welcome your suggestions on items we can add to our Troop Page that would be of help to you.
Pictures and messages to the troops from the DOD Training at the International Fire Chiefs in Dallas.

We were honored to be a part of the 4 th of July Celebration held at the Fisher House at Brooke Army Military Hospital. Colonel Jim Riley and his wife, Jerri along with Inga Godfrey, Fisher House Manager, are to be commended for their special dedication to the Wounded Soldiers and their families. You are all truly
“Soldiers Angels”.


Troops, if you have suggestions for our “Troop Page” that you feel would be helpful please
email troops@int-fire.com
Friends or family of the troops, if you have suggestions or if you would like to send the troops a word of encouragement, please email troops@int-fire.com

This page is for our Troops and we request that you respect our soldiers and that you not use this email to send inappropriate messages.

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